[Seller] What items are prohibited from being listed on LiveCom?



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Items listed on LiveCom will have to comply with local laws as well as LiveCom's terms and conditions. The list of prohibited items can be found below: 

1) Illegal and contraband products.
2) Stolen or counterfeit products.
3) Used products which are unfit for reuse and resale.
4) Recalled or defective products.
5) Products or services which are or may potentially be dangerous, hazardous or harmful to the health of the customers
6) Products or services using the name or brand of a third party in the title or description which is not lawfully made or authorised by the named third party.
7) Products or services that infringe any intellectual property or personal rights of others.
8) Products or services that contain offensive, violent, obscene, cruel or inappropriate content in its names, descriptions, logos, or images, including but not limited to: profanity or symbols/signs representing profanity.
9) Pornographic, sexually explicit, or sexually violent content.
10) Promotion, depiction or glorification of illegal activity.
11) Promotion, depiction or glorification of violence towards others or self.
12) Promotion, depiction or glorification of hatred, intolerance, violence, ridicule, and/or bigotry toward a group of people or the promotion of organisations fostering these views.
13) Promotion or glorification of cruelty towards animals.
14) Products or services which have not received the approval or certification from the relevant authorities (governmental or otherwise) to which such approval or certification is required by the applicable laws.

LiveCom reserves the right to remove or prevent listings that violate these terms and policies without prior notice. Any Sellers found breaching this may face action on their accounts.

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