[Seller] How do I change the order status?



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The order status lets your customers know the whereabouts and condition of the item. Be sure to update the status of these packages when necessary. 

1) If you are using the seller panel, navigate to the Orders page and select the individual order you wish to update the status of. 
2) Click on the View Icon under the Action column and it will lead you to the order details. 
3) Scroll to the bottom of the Member's order details and you will find the Update Status box. This is where you will be able to update the order status of the package. Click on the Courier Field and select one of the courier services used to deliver the package. Insert the tracking number of the package in the Tracking Number Field and click the Add History Button.
4) The order status will be reflected in the Order History box. From here, you will be able to track the status of the order once the Member has confirmed it's delivery. 
Currently, there is no way for you to update the order status via the LiveCom Seller App. You will have to use the seller panel via the web browser to do this. Do stay tuned however as we plan on introducing this feature soon! 

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