[Seller] How do I set the delivery fees for my products?



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Be sure to appropriately designate the value for delivery according to state or country as this information will be reflected in the shipping fee information when you run your game mode.

1) If you are using the seller panel, you can set the delivery fees of each of your products by navigating to the Products page. From here, click the Edit Icon and you will enter the product's general information page.
2) Select the Data Tab and towards the bottom of the screen, you will find the shipping fee fields. Adjust this as required and it will be reflected in the game modes you host during your live streams. Be sure to click the Save Button to save your changes!
Currently, there is no way for you to set the delivery fees via the LiveCom Seller App. You will have to use the seller panel via the web browser to do this. Do stay tuned however as we plan on introducing this feature soon! 

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