[Seller] Member ordered multiple items but only one is damaged / faulty. Do I provide a partial refund or a replacement for the damaged / faulty item?



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LiveCom encourages all its Sellers to only accept either a full refund or a complete replacement for all items in cases such as these.

LiveCom will request the following information from the Member to ascertain the legitimacy of the claim:

1) Damaged Items: photos of the packaging, the packaging material, the damaged product, all accompanying items, tags and labels attached.
2) Defective Items: photos of the product, all accompanying items, tags and labels attached as well as an explanation on the defect.
3) Incorrect Items: photos of the item received, all accompanying items, tags and labels attached.

Once the information has been validated, LiveCom will forward the information to you so you can authenticate and validate it accordingly. From here, you can proceed to either agree to the refund or provide a full replacement or reject the request altogether.

Do take note that a valid reason will have to be provided in the case you are rejecting the request as LiveCom has already validated the information the Member has provided.

LiveCom reserves the right to provide the final outcome in the case of any disputes.

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