[Member] I ordered multiple items but only one is damaged / faulty. Can I get a partial refund or a replacement for the damaged / faulty item only?



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In cases such as these, LiveCom encourages its Sellers to only accept either a full refund for all the items or a complete replacement for all the items. You are free to decide which option you would like to proceed with.

Do take note that a replacement or refund request must be submitted within seven (7) days from the successful delivery date. You are not allowed to switch between a replacement or a refund once you have submitted your request so be sure on which request you wish to opt for.

In order to initiate a replacement or refund of the item, kindly prepare the following:

1) Damaged Items: photos of the packaging, the packaging material, the damaged product, all accompanying items, tags and labels attached.
2) Defective Items: photos of the product, all accompanying items, tags and labels attached as well as an explanation on the defect.
3) Incorrect Items: photos of the item received, all accompanying items, tags and labels attached.

Submit the aforementioned information to a LiveCom Customer Care Representative at customercare@live-com.com or via our live chat and we will validate it accordingly. Once the information provided has been validated and approved by a LiveCom representative, kindly return the product to LiveCom with the tracking number for our reference.

Once the product has been received by LiveCom, we will initiate the replacement or the refund process. 

A replacement or refund process may take between 7-14 working days.

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