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Sellers can indeed cancel your order but the reason for the cancellations must be valid. Some scenarios in which your orders may end up cancelled is as follows:

1)  The Seller has not been active for more than seven (7) days from the last login date. It will be highly unlikely that the Seller will be able to respond to any inquiries and as a result, can lead to your order being cancelled.
2) The item which was purchased is damaged or malfunctional before it has been shipped out and it is a unique product and does not have any replacements. 
3) The item went missing while in transit.

Sellers are required to ship out placed order(s) three (3) days from its purchase date. You are free to cancel any orders with a full refund if the item is not shipped yet and it has exceeded the three (3) days time frame. 

Once the order has been cancelled, the amount will be refunded back to your LiveWallet balance. You can find the refund processing time frame by clicking here

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